Are you an ECMO Physician, Nurse or Perfusionist?
Demonstrate your ECMO skills and enter your Team in the Simulation Competition!
Places are Limited!

On Saturday 18th February, 3 teams will compete one after another by taking part in a standardised simulated ECMO case under the watchful eye of some of our invited experts.

Location: Sheraton Grand Hotel, Doha

Date: Saturday 18th February 2017 at 12:00pm (Briefing at 11.30am)


  • Teams of 3 or 4 participants from a same institution with at least one Physician, one Nurse, and one Perfusionist.
  • All team members should have paid their conference delegate registration.
  • Each team should submit a PowerPoint slide including their institution logo, name, country, and pictures of the team members with names and profession.

Prizes for the Winning Team: Each winning team member will receive a full refund of the conference registration fee, individual winner’s certificate and a team trophy. Reimbursements will be paid after the Conference.

Prizes for other Participants: Certificate for Participation and 50% refund of the conference registration fee. Reimbursements will be paid after the Conference.

Competition rules:

  • – All teams will take part in the same ECMO related scenario.
  • – All team members need to attend the briefing held at 11:30am (Room TBA) covering an outline of the equipment available, the simulation process, and the actual case introduction.
  • – Consider the scenario as a real case and do all you can for the patient’s benefit.
  • – Accept the limitations of the simulation and simulator.
  • – All communications during the scenario should be in English.
  • – Teams are not allowed to interact with the audience during the competition scenario.
  • – Teams need to remain in the “briefing room” until they are invited to take part in the scenario.
  • – For each team, the scenario will be strictly stopped by the judges 15 minutes after starting.
  • – Perform all expected actions for real unless you are directed otherwise.
  • – Accept information provided by the facilitator.
  • – Comply to the instructions of the facilitator.
  • – Team members need to preferably wear their hospital uniform/scrub.
  • – The scenario may be video recorded and only used for educational or promotional purposes, but never in a manner that could be offensive or judgemental of the participants who shall remain anonymous.
  • – The teams’ performance will be judged objectively by a panel of 4 ECMO clinicians looking at: patient safety, team dynamics, therapeutical interventions, and ECMO circuit management. Their decision will be final.
  • – There will be no formal debriefing of the participants, but the facilitators encourage the team members to approach them to discuss their performance after the competition.


To register, please contact our Registration Team at by communicating to us the names, professions, institution, and email addresses of your team members.