15th and 16th February 2017 (1 day – running twice)

*Please note that it is mandatory to register to the Main Conference to be able to book a pre-conference workshop
*15 candidates per course, per day

Course Director: Speakers:
ahmed-shehattaAhmed Labib, Qatar
  • Jorg Kuhne, Qatar
  • Craig Campbell, Australia
  • Rohan Foote, Qatar
  • Brian Racela, Qatar
  • Darwin Tan, Qatar
  • Abeer Mahomud, Qatar
  • Ijaz Hydiat, Qatar

The content of this one day Course covers how to prepare for, undertake and manage road transfer of adult patients on ECMO. The educational format includes didactic lectures and high-fidelity simulation. The lectures include how to prepare for transfer, human factors and current practice of ECMO transport. High-fidelity simulation will allow hands-on training and practice of safe patient transfer. Part of the simulation will take place in a fully-equipped critical care ambulance vehicle and will enforce the educational objectives of the lectures. Experienced faculty and instructors will facilitate discussions on risk management, leadership, critical thinking, situation awareness and inter-professional team-work. The learning sessions will demonstrate ECMO emergencies during transfer and how to deal with them.

  1. Have an understanding of the risks associated with road transportation of patients on ECMO and how to mitigate the risk.
  2. Have an understanding of the multidisciplinary management of road transportation of patients on ECMO.
  3. Understand the role of checklists and human factors in the safe transportation of patients on ECMO.
  4. Participate as teams in high fidelity simulation scenarios and learn to work in a multidisciplinary team.
  5. Understand and learn to deal with common ECMO emergencies during road transportation.
Who should attend?

ECMO physicians and specialists, ECMO nurses, perfusionists and all members of the multidisciplinary ECMO team involved in ECMO retrieval and transfer. The Course is suitable for new centres and for established centres wanting to build a mobile ECMO program.

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